£30 per session


A little bit about us...

Quincy's Hydrotherapy Centre has been running for the last six years. The centre was originally set up for the owner's New Foundland, Quincy.

Through unfortunate circumstances, Quincy lost his back left leg due to negligence on what should have been a simple operation, and what made things worse is Quincy had a Hip Dysplasia in the back right leg.

QUINCY was just 2 years old at the time!! As Quincy was full of life and even though the vets recommended that Quincy be put to sleep, the owner like yourself would not accept this and therefore built a hydrotherapy unit.

Through canine Hydrotherapy, Quincy now aged 9 leads a mobile and active life chasing balls and running the grounds of the farm where he lives even giving the rabbits a run for their money.